Since early childhood I’ve felt great need to visualize all that happens in my mind. I’ve drawn all over my notebooks, built models, created concepts of various designs.

Next step had began when I were given two gifts. My father gave me my first photo camera, Practica MTL, and from my godfather I got Photoshop 5.5. I was lost into that. Completely. Pictures, graphic design, photomanipulations, beyond that the world ceased to exist for me.

At some point, when video cameras became affordable for me, my pictures had began to move. I’ve felt like kid in the candyshop!

Currently I work as a photographer, filmmaker, graphic designer, animator and visual effects artist. Still hungry for more, I exert myself to learn more and more with every project.

Apart from that, I teach during workshops and meet-ups, sharing my knowledge and experience.

I will not tell you about my art, as I think that art should speak for itself, without further explenation. I hope mine does!