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Kustom Konwent

Sorry for the delay, but I had quite a lot on my head lately, so my post about Kustom Konwent had to wait till today.

For those of you who don’t know what Kustom Konwent is – it’s an event taking place in Wroclaw where various custom bikes and cars are exhibited. Apart from that there are tattoos, fashion, concerts, performances and quite good food ;).

I packed camera and lenses on my bike and launched towards Wroclaw. I must admit, the road was quite boring, as I rode mostly on highways, wchich is fast, but boring as hell. Only fun thing was that soon after leaving Warsaw I met two Russian motorcyclists who were on a trip around Europe on HD motorcycles. I invited them to visit the Konwent, but I haven’t seen them there :).

I’m sure I passed this pink bike as I rode @11K RPM’s to make that boring trip a bit shorter. It was one of the bikes exhebited on the event, along with this:

The bike I loved from the first sight (not that I haven’t loved that pink harley with “Cute as Fuck” sign on the side cover). It turned out to be one of few Suzuki DR Big 800 in Poland, turned into street tracker by Perfect Ride MC 🙂 After some negotiations I took the bike along with another one and Dineris as a model, and made some ad hoc photoshoot, which turned out quite okay:

Second bike was Suzuki DR650 rs completely rebuilt as a scrambler bike by Unikat. We used both bikes for the photoshoot, as you can see:

Apart from photoshoot I took some other pictures at the event:

I hope you like those 🙂

Cool thing was, I have met some nice people on the Konwent, including Joanna “Sixa” who owns that pink Harley I wrote about at the beginning of the post. They agreed to take me with them on the trip back to Warsaw. We rode much slower that I used to, but definitely we rode in style 😉 Till next time, cheers!

Freedom on Tour

Last weekend I’d spent at Harley Liberator in Warsaw. The reason was big and orange. It was a huge truck full of demo bikes. I guess every, or almost every model from current HD range was there. I’ve tested just one, Street Rod, but that gave me time to take some pictures:



Pictures from today’s photoshoot with beautiful Alexia. Make-up was done by Dineris. Hope you like the results 😉

The Great War Cemetery

Yesterday I began my one week vacation. Sadly, I cannot travel anywhere further, so I chose to explore as many beautiful places nearby as possible. One of those is an old cemetery where few heroes of the Great War rest in peace. I took my camera and my bike and went there. Here are some pics from that day:


Today I got on my motorbike and traveled a bit north, to Modlin. There the Cytadela took place, heaven for all people who love various strange things.

One of those things were the fashion show by Altergroup. Honestly I wasn’t exactly charmed by the designs. On the other hand, I allowed two models to charm me anyway, during our short photoshoot:

I guess the best they could do was to get rid of those clothes, and so they did 🙂 The best pic from the photoshoot, ladies and gentlemen:

Hope to work with those models again very soon.

Motomordy #2 – Fire!

Second edition of Motomordy in Barbers Garage in Warsaw! This time, due to poor weather (it rains for several days now) there weren’t that many motorcycles, but man, we got something real good this time. Good and hot. Literally speaking. Apart from tattoos (I got one too!), barbers, bikes and beer there was the FIRE SHOW. Check it out on some pics 🙂
Friend of mine, Maciej, also got himself a new ta2 by talented Ada
And I fell in love with…
Oh, and the best pic (IMO) I took during this event:

Dominika – the lady of the lake

Some time ago I came up with an idea to make some portraits in the rising sun, at the lake shore. I’ve called Dominika, whom you may have seen on my pictures I’ve done for Suzuki Piaseczno Motors. Not only she agreed to pose in the middle of the night (like 4 AM), she also agreed to do that in wet shirt and basically nothing else. Tough girl!

My assistant for this photoshoot was Dina Petelska, and make-up was made by Ewa Neko.


Some photos from yesterday’s event. There were motorcycles, tattoos, barbers, grill, beer… Everything I need, actually 🙂

Charlotta Enduro Extreme 2017

Several pics I took during last weekend’s Charlotta Enduro Extreme. Sadly – I got my camera on me only during day one and “day zero” when the track was tested. Anyway, enjoy and feel free to comment, C&C more than welcome.


Several days ago I’ve taken some pictures of Alicja. She is a gorgeous redhead, and I’ve decided to make “orange on orange” pics. Therefore, I chose the Warsaw’s Old Town as my location, and used old brick walls as background.