Freedom on Tour

Last weekend I’d spent at Harley Liberator in Warsaw. The reason was big and orange. It was a huge truck full of demo bikes. I guess every, or almost every model from current HD range was there. I’ve tested just one, Street Rod, but that gave me time to take some pictures:



Pictures from today’s photoshoot with beautiful Alexia. Make-up was done by Dineris. Hope you like the results 😉

The Great War Cemetery

Yesterday I began my one week vacation. Sadly, I cannot travel anywhere further, so I chose to explore as many beautiful places nearby as possible. One of those is an old cemetery where few heroes of the Great War rest in peace. I took my camera and my bike and went there. Here are some pics from that day:


Today I got on my motorbike and traveled a bit north, to Modlin. There the Cytadela took place, heaven for all people who love various strange things.

One of those things were the fashion show by Altergroup. Honestly I wasn’t exactly charmed by the designs. On the other hand, I allowed two models to charm me anyway, during our short photoshoot:

I guess the best they could do was to get rid of those clothes, and so they did 🙂 The best pic from the photoshoot, ladies and gentlemen:

Hope to work with those models again very soon.

Motomordy #2 – Fire!

Second edition of Motomordy in Barbers Garage in Warsaw! This time, due to poor weather (it rains for several days now) there weren’t that many motorcycles, but man, we got something real good this time. Good and hot. Literally speaking. Apart from tattoos (I got one too!), barbers, bikes and beer there was the FIRE SHOW. Check it out on some pics 🙂
Friend of mine, Maciej, also got himself a new ta2 by talented Ada
And I fell in love with…
Oh, and the best pic (IMO) I took during this event: