India Princess

Several weeks ago I’ve made some spontaneous pictures. Natalia, the model portrayed was asked by her MUA friend to pose for some pics to be sent to make-up competition. As I’m lucky enough to be Natalia’s fiance, she asked me to take those pictures.

Lighting set-up was fairly simple, I’ve used beauty dish with grid as main light, reflector with blue and green gels as rim light, and medium sized reflector to bounce some light back into shadows.

I hope you like the pics, more are availbable in my portfolio 🙂



Between X-mass and New Year’s Eve we’d met in Nova studio in Warsaw to take some pics. By “we” I mean: Ilona Felicjańska (model), Asia Kaniewska (MUA) and me.

Pics turned out a bit weird, but in a good way. I’m pleased with the results, but would like to hear what you think!

New page


It’s been a wile since I’ve began my very, very long break from taking pictures. It doesn’t mean I didn’t use my camera, I’ve just used it for commercial purposes, not artistic ones. That’s going to change, and as a beginning of that change, I’ve built new page. Hope you like it!