Plymouth Fury 1970

Few weeks back my friend Michał from Evil Genius gave me a call. He said that he he’s working on Playmouth Fury 1970 and asked me to take some pictures of the car.

Fury is exactly what the name suggests. Furious.

And green.

Even inside.

I must admit, as much as I love bikes and think they are superior to cars, I could buy such Playmouth (if I were rich enough).

There’s something about it. Raw power, without computers and sensors. You simply put pedal to the metal and waaaay it goes.

Funny thing, when it comes to motorcycles I like to have fuel injection, ABS, TCS, quickshifter, cruise control and adjustable ignition maps. When it comes to cars, I like that oldschool, raw power.

And hereare two cars, very simmilar actually. Fury was almost a clone of Dodge Charger, and on this picture there is… A Charger. Way younger of coruse 🙂

Here’s Michał. If you need some custom work done on your motorcycle or car, he’s the guy to call. Seriously. I’ll bring him my own Yamaha in a few days to do some changes in design.