Pictures from today’s photoshoot with beautiful Alexia. Make-up was done by Dineris. Hope you like the results 😉


Today I got on my motorbike and traveled a bit north, to Modlin. There the Cytadela took place, heaven for all people who love various strange things.

One of those things were the fashion show by Altergroup. Honestly I wasn’t exactly charmed by the designs. On the other hand, I allowed two models to charm me anyway, during our short photoshoot:

I guess the best they could do was to get rid of those clothes, and so they did 🙂 The best pic from the photoshoot, ladies and gentlemen:

Hope to work with those models again very soon.



Between X-mass and New Year’s Eve we’d met in Nova studio in Warsaw to take some pics. By “we” I mean: Ilona Felicjańska (model), Asia Kaniewska (MUA) and me.

Pics turned out a bit weird, but in a good way. I’m pleased with the results, but would like to hear what you think!