Suzuki GSX-S 750

Tiny streetfighter AKA “buy me if you want to get from work to home in 90 seconds”.

Usually before I take a new bike for a photoshoot I look at it’s features and specs online. In case of this Suzie most specs are in space where I put “regular bikes”. 114 bhp is no joke, but not so much either. Weight of 213 kg places GSX-S in medium weight class, with most other street bikes. All in all, I was expecting regular naked bike that may give you some fun from riding but is mostly utility bike, just something to move from point A to B avoiding traffic.

Was I right? Well, yes and no.

My first impression of this bike, just after I had put my ass on it’s seat was “geeez this is so freakin’ small”. Usually when I ride a motorcycle I see some bike on front of me. Not in this case.

At first I thought that GSX-S 750 was designed for small riders, but the seat is higher than in my Yamaha XJ6. Suzie is simply well-built, but quite short from rider’s point of view.

My first ride was about 30km in rain. I must admit, a bit less traction doesn’t affect this bike much. Even though we were riding quite dynamically no traction controll nor abs kicked in even once. Bike handled very well, acceleration wasn’t breathtaking, but even sport bike fans won’t call her slow or lazy. I even (don’t tell anyone) tried to check the top speed, but around 210kmph I gave up. With no wind shield riding so fast felt like someone was vigorously hitting my head with baseball bat from left to right. I guess top speed is way higher, as at high rpm’s I felt like she wanted to go faster and faster. Like most sport engines that 750 loves high rpm’s.

Acceleration and top speed are not the top features of this bike. There is a reason for such short, bulky form, and that is agility. For at least couple of years I rode no bike as agile as this Suzie. No matter if it’s slow riding around parking lot or fast cornering, GSX-S 750 will do fine. Even at fast, tight corners I felt like I had plenty of room to lean even more, and with this bike you actually don’t have to lean that much to take a tight turn.

When it comes to design GSX-S 750 ain’t anything new for Suzuki designers. The main part that draws attention is huge tank that makes this bike look way bigger and more serious.

If I were to change anything in design, I would switch to different indicators. The rest of the bike is exactly as it should be. Oh, and changing indicators is a matter of ~30 euro and an hour of your time.

For whom this bike is? Deffinitely for people who move around cities a lot. Driving between cars, tight turns, fast accelerating and breaking makes GSX-S 750 a perfect bike for everyday riding around crowded city. Longer traveling on her would be seriously uncomfortable, but adding windshield should fix that at least a bit. Oh, and don’t get fooled by those rear pegs. This is a bike for one person. Taking a passenger is the fastest way of making him/her hate riding for the rest of their lives. It’s way better to convince your girlfriend/boyfriend to get a bike of their own and learn to ride. Twice the fun! Speaking of this, in my opinion Suzie is a very good idea for the first bike. Easy handling, Suzuki design which means no repairs for quite some time, light weight and low price – what else would you need from beginners bike? As long as streetfighter design is something you like of course!